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Don'ts in Restaurant Website Design

So, you have started to plan your restaurant website design. This will be a piece of cake, right? But, just like in baking, there is always a wrong and right way of doing things. If you don’t want your Thai restaurant web design to end up a disappointment, lists the top things you should never do when going about with the designing process.

Don’t Use Awful Photos

Taking good photos of food is not easy, especially because of all the different ingredients used. Take spaghetti, for instance. Your restaurant may serve a dish made using handmade pasta milled from organic wheat and topped with a sauce that contains the best heirloom tomatoes. However, poor focus, wrong background color, and bad lighting can easily make what was supposed to be a delish spaghetti dish into a meal that belongs to a high school canteen.

Details are also major concerns here. What do you wish to highlight in every dish? There are instances when it is much better to stick with less detail. With some practice and research, even amateur photographers can take their food photography game to the next level. But, if you have some budget to spare, your best bet is to hire an expert in food photography.

Don’t Make Your Website Unfriendly to Mobile Devices

Most people today go online using their mobile devices. Their decision as to where they should eat is usually spontaneous. If your restaurant website design has not been optimized for mobile, you lose the chance to effectively share your brand.

Don’t Use Outdated Information

Time has changed. If you don’t want to fail making good restaurant website, make sure to use the right details. This will help your potential customers to get the facts straight and won’t be confused or frustrated because of the outdated information. If you like an effective website, see to it that your information is accurate.

Don’t Make Your Menu Difficult to Read

Like any type of content, your menu should have a logical organization and eye-pleasing layout. If the menu exists only as PDF, a search engine cannot scan it and it will not rank in search results organically. PDF also adds an additional step for users and it is a clumsy setup. So, do not use PDFs and just ensure that your menu is only a click away.

Don’t Use Weird Color Scheme

Everybody knows that the best way to attract one’s attention is to bombard your website design with a palette of bright and contrasting colors. Well, it’s not true, unless part of your branding is to annoy your clients. According to studies, warmer colors could make people hungry. Deep oranges and reds may stimulate part of the brain that likes to stuff food into your mouth. Think of the fast food chains that use red in branding. Most of them are successful.

If you want to have a good and effective website design, make sure that you consider the assistance of professionals like It is a company that offers quality website design solutions that are perfect for restaurants like yours. So, call now and find out what your restaurant website is lacking.

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