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Restaurant Web Design – Trends That Restaurant Owners Should Know

Are you planning to update your restaurant website? Well, simplicity reigns supreme in year 2018. It is all about very few photos, clean layouts, and less text. This minimalist trend is not just for looks, but it also about performance and efficiency. That is the reason why your chosen website designer must be aware of these trends:

  • Mobile First

Majority of people now own smartphones or mobile devices. Such devices have made a huge impact in the restaurant web design. Restaurant websites were designed for horizontal, big desktop and computer screens. How websites appeared on vertical and small mobile devices was actually an afterthought. But, today, it is a first thought. That is the reason why the mobile first trend is what matters these days. How your restaurant website functions and looks on smartphones must be your main priority. If you already have a separate mobile and desktop version of your website, merge it to have a responsive web design.

  • Responsive Restaurant Web Design

Responsive websites are the ones that changes their layout automatically based on the screen these are viewed on. Whether you are using an iPad or a desktop, the website will respond to give viewers the best possible browsing experience. You may set particular effects to be hidden on the mobile to ensure speedy mobile load time. The images that horizontally run across the page become vertical on mobile. The fonts increase in size automatically on the mobile devices with a responsive web design.

  • Make Your Site User-Friendly

The restaurant website designers love acronyms, particularly UI and UX. UX means user experience and UI means user interface. Such are the fancy terms for the simple concept and that is to provide ease to every guest when navigating the website.

  • HTTPS for Improved Security

HTTP uses to be a standard in restaurant web design. HTTPS is a gold standard. S is known for security and it means that the data like the credit card details are encrypted before being sent from guests to websites. With HTTP, information sent in plain text that can be read by bots, malware, and hackers.

  • Use SEO

Generally, SEO refers to putting particular words deliberately into your restaurant web design to help your restaurant be found on search engines including Yahoo, Bing, and Google. If you are a sports bar or a small café, you have to incorporate the phrase the right keyword into your restaurant site text. When the guests go searching over the internet for a sport bar or small café, you’ll have a greater chance to show up. Yet, never go overboard. The reason behind it is that the search engine bots crawl sites penalize the ones with a lot of keywords. To see which words and phrases people are looking for near you, you should consider using a Google Keyword tool.

Create restaurant website in accordance to those mentioned trends and make sure that you hire a Thai web designer like NuchDesigns for you to get the best results.

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