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Don’t Forget to Add These Photos to Your Restaurant Web Design

Photographs are a must when it comes to restaurant marketing and advertising. Customers like to see what they will eat before they set foot in your restaurant. To make sure that your Thai restaurant web design will captivate everyone’s attention right from the get go, make sure that you add these photographs in it.

Your Signature Dish

Your signature dish is the one thing that sets your restaurant from others. It is a must-try dish that cannot be found anywhere else. So it makes perfect sense to take some photos of it. Get a good wide angle of this dish served in context complete with table setting, pairings, sides, and other dishes.

The Delish Dessert

Desserts as well as cocktails are perfect to lure in customers and clearly set yourself apart from your competitors. Take wide shots of that oozy chocolate syrup on your brownie cake. Make sure you get these photos included in your restaurant web design and marketing.

Plenty of Food Macros

There is no need to take a picture of your entire menu but a tiny library of amazing detail shots can give your graphic artists and web designers lots of choices. These macros can help in setting the tone. A single detail shot of that pretty fish taco will set off the menu’s entire section with no need to show all options.

Incredible Ingredients

As for the help of your head chef or a food stylist to create captivating displays of the ingredients and spices used in your food. These photos are ideal for decorating web pages and menus with related images that you don’t need to change if you tweak the menu or remove an item from it.

The Gorgeous Exterior

Your customers also want to see your place in full. A good wide angle will be nice for this. After all, they will drive out there and so, they have to know what your restaurant looks like. Aside from that, they also want to get a sneak peek of the sidewalks, parking, and the neighboring buildings.

You have to show them the exterior of your building with a picture that makes it a landmark they will recognize even from the street. You can put this photo on the Location or Contact page. You also have to ensure that this is available in Google, Yelp, and other restaurant listing websites.

The Splendid Interior

Now that your customers have seen what your restaurant looks like from outside, it is time to give them a tour inside. Show them a wide angle shot of your main dining room. Give them an idea of what they will see once they walk in. Take detail shots of individual tables or highlight a certain special feature, such as the bar. If your restaurant has a chic tile floor pattern, a mural wall, or other unique design elements, you have to make sure you document them as well so your customers will know where to take the perfect selfie.

For the best restaurant web design, can help you include all these photos and more important details to make your restaurant stand out from the crowd.

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